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Public Spaces

More than Spaces

Versatile and iconic spaces that give Michelangelo and your way of working a dynamic and avant-garde character.

More than Spaces
Michelangelo's public spaces.
The double-height lobby.

Statuesque and impressive, Michelangelo's Hall stands out for its majestic architecture capable of attracting attention from the first moment.

A new human habitat in the center of the metropolitan city, in which green and sinuous shapes are grafted into structured volumes of modern space.
The Hall: the Heart of the ground floor
in your future working space
The Congress Center.

Art & culture, conventions, workshops and events: the Michelangelo Congress Center combines functionality and first-class services in a single refined space.

Lobby, bar and modern conference rooms, complete environments equipped with a contemporary and avant-garde design.
Congress Center amenities
Internal court
Conference rooms
Multifunctional Spaces.

Michelangelo's Multifunctional Spaces embody versatility and adaptability as fundamental principles. These spaces are designed to change in response to the dynamic needs of the occupants, offering a flexible environment that transforms with agility.

Your innovative
It's Michelangelo

your future office
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